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2 Special Ambassadors

Dewa Resort proudly presents 2 very special Hotel Ambassadors

Misty and Whiskey


Whiskey (a.k.a Wit, a.k.a Whiskas) came to Dewa shortly after the hotel was built, around 2009, and stayed. He has been living at Dewa since, and recently has been appointed Fur Ambassador.

Whiskey is a lovely boy, and his mornings normally start at the accounting office, where he gets a sumptuous breakfast. After that, he checks-out the housekeeping office, and then takes a nap at the Spa. In the afternoon, he comes out upstairs to the reception, and continues his Ambassador duties there, sleeping on one of the sofas.

Whiskey has a special diet, since in Summer 2019 he had an acute kidney failure. We noticed something was wrong with him, and rushed his to the vet. The doctor said that he was lucky – as about one hour later his kidneys would shut down completely. Lucky Whiskas!

He also had a brother – an American short-hair cat, Michael, that came to Dewa shortly after Whiskey did. They had so much fun together! Michael had a long and happy life with us at Dewa and passed on the 6th of June 2019.

It has been quite sad here with only one cat left. We had several stray cats coming to check us out, but Whiskey was very territorial and would not allow any other cat to come and stay. So one day in October we took Whiskey to a local animal shelter called SoiDog, so that he can pick himself a mate.

Whiskey Kitten Dewa Special Ambassador

We were not allowed to take Whiskey to meet other cats though, as he could have contracted something from those kitties. But humans were allowed to go in and see the cats. There were so many different cats there! We explained that we would likely need a female cat, good with other cats and enjoying human interaction – after all, most Dewa guests love cats!

As you can imagine, the choice was difficult, almost impossible. There were so many cats, and all of them wanted to have a loving home! Finally we decided on a small grey female. The SoiDog people said that they would need couple days to get her checked-up before we could adopt her.

Then we got our lovely Misty in October, and we could not believe what we discovered. It turned out that Misty was likely a street cat, and she got into a car accident. She got into the SoiDog for a surgery and further recovery on the 6th June 2019 – same day our baby Michael passed away. That kitty was no coincidence!

We were recommended to keep Misty in her cage for some time, so that she gets used to a new place. She got really excited about bacon! On her second day, she had several pieces of bacon straight. After couple of weeks, she got a bit easier about her food, but would still come to the front office for her breakfast, lunch and dinner. About a month in, Misty got really picky about her food. She would only eat from a spoon, and only tuna in jelly – nothing in gravy.

And she really enjoyed Dewa lush gardens, full of geckos and birds. On the first evening out, she brought us back a small lizard as a treat – it was so heart-warming! She brought in birds couple times as well. Now front office is full of mosquitoes, as she ate all the lizards inside.

She really enjoys sleeping in her kitty house, and play with her brother, Whiskey. They get along really well – they go hunt together at night and come back for dinner together. Whiskey, as a real gentleman, always waits till the lady eats first.

Misty Kitten Special Ambassador

For all cat-persons, most of time both kitties can be found around the front office. Also, both cats have been vaccinated and are getting regular doctor visits.

For those who are more dog-persons, please be assured that none of the cats are allowed into the sensitive areas.

We all are looking forward to welcome you to Dewa to enjoy the hotel and the two lovely cats. Unfortunately, we do not accept other pets to the hotel, as much as we love them

Do come and visit both of Dewa’s lovely Fur Ambassadors 🙂

Whiskey relaxes under Christmas tree
Misty Sleeping Front Office
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