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Corporate & Social Responsibility

Dewa Phuket Resort recognizes its responsibility to respect the environment and is consciously supporting best practices in our continuous effort to build a sustainable future.​

Energy & water efficiency

  • We have installed the smart home system that allows us to take care of environment, the aircons will turn on automatically while you are in the room and turn off if you leave.
  • 60% of our resort are now fitted with energy efficient LED light bulbs, and a program is in place to eventually reach a 100%
  • Our pool pumps, Jacuzzi switch and public area lighting are fitted with timers
  • Our room maid will switch off all air-conditioning when they clean the room and we encourage our guests to keep the doors closed when they have the air-conditioning on.
  • The temperature for our guests rooms are set at a lowest minimum of 21 degrees
  • All air-conditioning units are serviced at least twice a year
  • Our water flow from showerheads average 7 – 10L/minute.
  • We have progressed from trucking water into our resort to government supplied piped in water.
  • Water, energy and detergent are reduced through our guest’s participation in deciding when to change the linens and towels.
  • Daily and monthly energy monitoring is in place.
  • We will reduce our energy consumption by 5% in 2016 by replacing all lights to energy efficient LED Lights
  • We will reduce our water consumption by 5% in 2016 by regulating the flow of water in all the guests’ rooms’ toilet and harvesting rainwater for the gardens.

Waste water management

  •  All our cistern tanks and drains are treated with EM balls twice a month.
  • Our main kitchen wash basins are fitted with grease traps.
  • Where possible, we endeavor to use only environmentally friendly cleaning products

Waste management

  • We no longer use plastic straws at Dewa.
  • We serve drinking water in glass bottles, in all guest rooms, as well as at The Terrace Grill restaurant, and at the Bread & Butter.
  • All our waste are separated into recyclable glass, cans, plastic, paper and cooking oil, which are sold to the recycling company with the income from these, shared among all our staff.
  • Our garden waste is used as a bi-product to produce compost for our own fertilizers for the garden.
  • We use orange peels as a bi-product together with EM balls to produce our own liquid soap and softener.
  • We dispose batteries and hazardous substance responsibly.
  • Our purchasing policy require for products to be bought in bulk packaging to reduce unnecessary package materials
  • Our in room toiletries are provided in ceramic dispensers to reduce wastage and unnecessary use of mini plastic containers.
  • Our decorative flowers are mostly living orchid plants from our own nursery and leaves and flowers used are from our garden.
  • We grow some of the herbs we use in the kitchen.

Social & cultural responsibilities

  • We are the co-founder of the Green Nai Yang community, a full time private sector supported initiative in collaboration with the local government and National Park Service that protects and manages Nai Yang’s natural resources through waste management, local community education, and other conservation initiatives.
  • We support local charitable organizations with our accommodation gift vouchers for the charity drives.
  • We work with the Soi Dog Foundation to control the population of stray dogs and cats in the area and ensuring that the ones that are around are disease free.
  • We support the Gibbon Rehabilitation Center in Phuket by collecting donations and giving information to our guests and educating them against taking photos with endangered wildlife species in some of the popular nightspot on the island.
  • We support the Barnhem Project, which is a local orphanage by collecting donations and other assistance.
  • We support the Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation, which is an English education for underprivileged children in Phuket by collecting donations and other assistance.
  • We support the local Thai school next to our resort with monetary and manpower assistance for their school projects and involved them with the Green Nai Yang community.
  • We support The Good Shepherd foundation by helping them to sell their homemade cards and toys in our Resort.
  • We encourage our guests to experience the local culture of offering alms to the monks during dawn
  • We encourage our guests to visit the local market which is open 3 times a week.
  • We create awareness on local and eco-friendly tours and excursions
  • We use the local long-tail boat operators to provide snorkelling trips to nearby islands for our guests
  • We provide information of the National Parks around our vicinity and provide jungle trekking excursions through the parks for our guests.
  • We promote the local rubber and pineapple growers around the vicinity with our own excursions


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