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Dewa presents you with 2 special ambassadors

Dewa Resort proudly presents 2 very special Hotel Ambassadors – Michael and Whiskey.

Both gentlemen are regularly checked and vaccinated, and are definitely well-loved by both hotel team and the guests.


Both cats have their own characters. Michael is very calm and private, and does not like much human interaction. But being such a cutie, he gets a lot of attention anyway. When it gets too much, he hides under the sofa in the lobby. His favorite snack is rolled cuttlefish. Michael is a very well-behaved boy, and never does his manicure in the office. For that he gets his breakfast (and lunch, and dinner) in bed.


Whiskey, a black-and-white beauty, is totally different. He is a hunter, which helps add to his diet. He loves being around people, and readily offers his tummy to anyone who would like to pet him. He is not as refined as Michael, and does not mind digging his claws into office chairs – for which he gets in trouble. His favorite thing to do is to supervise the work of accounting office.


For all cat-persons, most of time both boys can be found around the front office.

For those who are more dog-persons, please be assured that none of the cats are allowed into the sensitive areas.


We all are looking forward to welcome you to Dewa to enjoy the hotel and the two lovely cats. Unfortunately, we do not accept other pets to the hotel, as much as we love them

An update – unfortunately, Michael has recently crossed to the other side of the rainbow. He is definitely missed by Dewa team and many guests


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