Location & Attractions
Dewa is a perfect getaway with true hospitality and Thai service.
Location & Attractions
Dewa is a perfect getaway with true hospitality and Thai service.
Location & Attractions
Dewa is a perfect getaway with true hospitality and Thai service.
Location & Attractions
Dewa is a perfect getaway with true hospitality and Thai service.
Location & Attractions
Dewa is a perfect getaway with true hospitality and Thai service.

Hotel Location

Dewa Phuket Resort and Villas is located a few steps from the stunning and tranquil Nai Yang beach, which is part of protected Sirinath National Park, on the northwest coast of Phuket island.

At just an 8-minute drive away from Phuket International Airport, the resort allows guests the accessibility of a quick arrival and departure into Phuket, without the fuss of yet another long journey. It’s a boon for guests arriving in the middle of the night.

Dewa Phuket Resort & Villas - Lobby
Dewa Phuket Resort & Villas

Getting Here

Looking for a resort that is close to Phuket Airport? Dewa Phuket Resort & Villas is the best resort near Phuket airport. From Phuket international airport, it is just approximately 2 km away from our resort. To get to our resort near the airport, it is a short drive via resort limousine service or local taxi.


Discover the best Phuket attractions in and around Nai Yang Beach during your stay at Dewa Phuket Resort & Villas.
Dewa Phuket Resort & Villas - Sirinath National Park
Dewa Phuket Resort & Villas - Sirinath National Park

Sirinath National Park

An Icon of Phuket’s natural beauty, Sirinath National Park is a lush, 90-square-kilometer nature preserve along the northwest coast of the island. You can enjoy a stroll or a bicycle ride along the coastal forest to become fascinated with wide range of exotic plants and wildlife including sea turtles and 130 bird species. The northern end of the park is a mangrove forest, with saltwater swamps supporting a unique ecosystem. Shrimp and grouper fish can be spotted swimming through the water- submerged roots of mangrove species. Another member of the animal kingdom found in the mangrove forest is the intriguing mudskipper, which can be seen climbing the roots and branches of the mangrove trees.

The Park is also guaranteed to be the perfect backdrop for your epic national park wedding.

Dewa Phuket Resort & Villas - Nai Yang Beach
Dewa Phuket Resort & Villas - Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang Beach is one of the most mellow and laid-back beaches in Phuket. Located along the western shores of the island, this area is a local favourite as the beach lacks the commercial feel of Patong or Karon Beach. Set within the Sirinath National Park, this natural oasis is ideal for bathing or snorkelling.

The 2-kilometer-long strip of sand is also known for its numerous water sport activities including wakeboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and paragliding.

Dewa Phuket Resort & Villas - Big Buddha Phuket
Dewa Phuket Resort & Villas - Big Buddha Phuket

Big Buddha Phuket

Standing tall at an impressive 45 meters, this magnificent marble statue is a true marvel that graces the skyline of southern Phuket. Once you’re there, immerse yourself in breathtaking panoramic views that stretch as far as the eye can see. And that’s not all – you’ll find charming cafes and restaurants nestled close by, offering you scrumptious delights along with jaw-dropping vistas.

Dewa Phuket Resort & Villas - Wat Mongkol Wararam

Wat Mongkol Wararam

Lovingly known as Wat Nai Yang, this beloved destination for tourists and Thai Buddhists alike is conveniently located near our resort near the Phuket International Airport and nearby Nai Yang Beach. Originally named “Wat Nai Yang,” the temple was established by the villagers, led by Reverend Father Nang Suea. Over the years, it transformed into “Wat Mongkhol Wararam,” receiving a Wisung Kham Sima award in 1912.

If you are looking for a luxury resort near Phuket airport look no further than Dewa Phuket Resort. We offer luxurious accommodation and plenty of food and drink options, while you can relax around our pool or make the most of the stunning beach.

As a hotel near Phuket Airport, we are ideally located for people who need the convenience provided by such a location. We also offer conferencing facilities, making us an ideal location for work-related events.

Our airport beach hotel in Nai Yang also offers plenty to do in the vicinity with a number of local attractions. We are also well located for exploring the rest of the island, although many of our guests are happy staying locally and enjoying our beach hotel near Phuket airport.

Our guests can enjoy the nearby Sirinath National Park that’s home to a wide range of flora and fauna. Naturally, the beach is usually the most common attraction of all, and visitors can relax or take art in a wide range of activities.

Dewa Beach Resort offers a range of accommodations, helping you find something that suits your needs. This includes comfortable rooms for two or more people, to luxury villas with a private pool. We will also happily cater to weddings and other events, providing all your guests could need during their stay.

If you have any questions regarding our services then we look forward to hearing from you. We will be happy to tell you about the benefits of our location, and any other questions you might have.

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